We provide thorough support for developers, producing the quickest prototypes at a quality that exceeds expectations.

We provide thorough support for developers, producing the quickest prototypes at a quality that exceeds expectations.
Our mission is to be the world’s quickest supporter for developers.
Our employees consider things from the perspective of the developer, making proposals that always take time into consideration.

crossEffect’s Core Technology

We at crossEffect think that shortening development time produces the largest value for the customer.
We make swift manufacturing possible through
rapid prototyping using the world’s quickest SLA processing, and rapid product design to support with your design process. We allow you to save precious time throughout the development process.

  • Photo Molding Prototyping

    Photo Molding Prototyping

    A new prototyping technology using thermoplastic resin without requiring metal molds. Allows for rapid and cheap creation of an actual model with the same properties as an injection molded piece.

  • Surface Processing & Ornamentation

    Surface Processing & Ornamentation

    We manufacture the highest quality mockups for exhibitions and presentations. Our surface processing is highly precise and speedy.

  • CT Scan

    CT Scan

    Using X-ray tomographic imaging, CT scans can quickly and precisely capture interior structures that would otherwise not be possible with conventional measuring devices and 3D scanners.

  • Medical Prototypes

    Medical Prototypes

    We provide organ models (such as the heart) along with medical device prototypes. Develop speed is accelerated through concurrent support and highly advanced technology.

  • Rapid Design

    Rapid Design

    We provide integrated support for product development, from initial product concept creation to rough sketches, 3D rendering/modeling, and mock up creation.

  • SLA


    Creates items quicker and cheaper than a 3D printer, which can be used as master molds for photo molding, and to verify shape and design.

  • Vacuum Casting

    Vacuum Casting

    Product can be delivered in as little as two days after receiving data.a We provide detailed support for coating, shaping, surface processing, and various resins. We can provide products at low cost with quick turnaround.

  • 3D Data Creation

    3D Data Creation

    We create 3D data using high end CAD. We can creeate data to support complex designs, producing a range of parts for the automobile, aeronautics, and home appliance industry.

  • Rapid SLA Service

    Rapid SLA Service

    Our rapid service ensures shipping of SLA prototypes within 24 hours. We provide flexible support for sudden design changes, providing product development with quick turnaround.

  • Small Economy

    Small Economy

    Results in incredibly low cost by designating delivery time within 10 days. By designating delivery time, cost is reduced to approximately 1/5 the typical price.

  • Transparent Resin Service

    Transparent Resin Service

    SLA with transparent resin allows for visualization of the interior structure. Our company leads the industry in speed, providing acrylic resin with the highest degree of transparency.

crossEffect’s Strengths

crossEffect boasts the quickest prototyping technology developed over 17 years.
In addition to our incredibly prototyping speed, we provide thorough support for the customer’s development cycle,
with advanced technological capabilities and support power borne from proven experience.

  • We create the customer’s ideal product with with stringent support power and advanced technological capabilities that can support even the most complex shapes.
    Realizing the customer's ideal product with precise support and advancecd technology that can produce complex shapes.

  • From design to model creation, we provide total support at reduced cost through an integrated in-house production system.
    Integrated in-house production from design to model prototyping.
    Offering complete solutions while reducing cost.

  • We are committed to the development process, with 17 years of proven achievements in SLA prototyping.
    Manufacturing committed to proven manfacturing processes, with over 17 years of SLA prototyping.

Developing medical devices and for various medical training.
Contributing to the medical industry with the world’s fastest prototyping.

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Rapid Design Service    From design to manufacturing
Notification Regarding the Golden Week Holiday
We will be on holiday for Golden Week from April 28 (Sat.) to April 30 (Mon.), and from May 3 (Thurs.) to May 6 (Sun.). We will respond to any inquiries made over the holiday on May 7 (Mon.) in order of reception. Thank you for your understanding.
2018.1.26 crossEffect will be exhibiting at MD&M West 2018, which takes place from February 6th to 8th, 2018.
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Our Surgery Training Model won the 2017 Good Design Award.
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We exhibited our organ models at the 70th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery, which took place in Sapporo from September 26th (Tue.) to 29th (Fri.), 2017.
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We will be out of the office for the summer holidays, from August 13th (Sun.) to 16th (Wed.), 2017.
We will provide support for any inquiries received during the holiday on August 17th (Thu.).
Thank you for your understanding.
We were selected as a 2017 Medical Collaborative Commercialization Venture (Development & Commercialization).
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The final product was perfect. Though a little pricey, Communication on delivery was incredibly helpful.

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We’re fully satisfied with the quality, price, and delivery time. crossEffect takes so much care in ensuring delivery time.

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We are very thankful that crossEffect takes so much care in providing support. crossEffect is who we contact when we’re in trouble.

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crossEffect is always helping us. Their service is careful and speedy. Their problem solving support is really helpful. It’s easy to move on to the next step.

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We are completely satisfied with the always-careful support. Not only do they make products, they also help with technological proposals, which is incredibly helpful.
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