Different Industry Approaches

We provide thorough support for customer’s manufacturing research and efficiency optimization.
Working to help with your various needs.

crossEffect’s High Speed Prototyping
Accelerates the Pace of Problem Solving and Market Competition for the Customer

We believe that speed is the greatest value to our manufacturing. We achieve concurrent development by providing consistent support from initial blueprint to manufacturing. Where other companies would be unable to support even one prototype given the quick turnaround time, we can support production of multiple prototype pieces under the same conditions. Furthermore, by shortening prototyping time, the company can spend more time on the design processing, increasing design accuracy. Not only are our rapid prototypes manufactured quickly, we also achieve a high level of quality. Since we are vertically integrated to handle everything from design to prototype manufacturing, we are able to completely cut down on wasted time and unnecessary interactions. For each process, we utilize our one-of-a-kind know-how to increase speed without compromising quality.

  • Manufacturers
  • Small and Medium Enterprises & Venture
  • University / Research Institutes
  • Funded companies
  • Prototype production for evaluation testing
  • Creation of working models for showing at exhibitions
  • Providing prototypes under urgent time conditions
  • Completing prototypes using the actual product material
  • Manufacturing support to meet conditions for grant money
  • Small to medium lot product manufacturing
  • Providing well-designed prototypes
  • Development support at all levels of R&D
  • Prototypes for research equipment
  • Support for start-ups working in R&D
  • Creation of prototypes for presentations
  • In-house training tool production
  • PR for exhibitions at academic institutions and expos
  • Surgical training models for dry lab work
  • Creation of 3D educational materials, such as organ models, etc.

Rough plan

  • We only have a rough plan.
  • We want advice in regards to mold and mass production.
  • We want to work together on an idea.

crossEffect works with the customer through each level of development, from initial sketch to commercialization. We have achievements many different industries, and can provide proposals tailored to wide range of needs. We provide comprehensive solutions that take design and mass production into account.


  • We only have a rough sketch.
  • We don’t have qualified in-house personnel.
  • We want to know the cost of design.
  • We want to change the image of a design we outsourced.

crossEffect can render from hand-drawn designs, or even from projects that lack blueprints. We have abundance experience in a variety of design styles, and can clearly realize our customer’s needs. Our vertically integrated design system contributes to reducing costs and delivery time. You can confidently rely on us due to our clear design price point system.

Prototype evaluation

  • We want to see the actual item right away.
  • We need the item to have the same quality as the actual model.
  • We need cheap prototyping.
  • We just need one piece prototyped.

With our high speed prototyping service, we can provide a prototype within a quick 24 hour turnaround. By increasing speed, we can greatly reduce cost. Furthermore, when a customer needs a prototype to resemble the actual product, we can use surface treatments and coating to create products that are nearly identical, and can even use the exact materials for the prototype.

Mold-Mass production

  • We want to make a small number of commercial products.
  • We want to make a variety of small lot products.
  • Our first lot of mass production is not going to be completed in time.
  • We do not want to make a metal mold.

We can produce substitute products with quick turnaround using vacuum casting and photolithography, and various small lot productions using vacuum casting to reduce initial cost. If the same degree of strength and durability of injection molded parts is required, we can produce parts with thermoplastics utilizing photolithography.