Features of crossEffect

crossEffect Manufacturing

①Product Design

We provide concrete product designs, producing rough sketches from the initial idea and planning stage. We do not provide product images using realistic 3D computer graphics, the 3D service we offer consists of providing actual three dimensional models in order to verify the design. Because we conduct both design and prototyping, we can provide the smoothest design process.

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②3D Data Creation

We use 2D blueprints and 3D CAD data to carry out 3D data modeling. Let us handle your data creation needs when dealing with complex designs such as automobiles, aircraft, home appliances, and other devices that require many parts. When it comes to one-of-a-kind objects such as art and cultural artifacts, we can create data using a non-contact 3D digitizer. We provide a high speed modeling service utilizing the experience of our operators.

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③Shape Verification

Stereolithography allows for quick and low cost verification of prototype shape. This process is optimal for inspecting multiple prototypes, and for creating mock-ups for sudden presentations. The pieces can also be used as a master mold for vacuum casting and photolithography. It is also possible to conduct flow path and fit analysis using transparent resin. Furthermore, dimensional errors can be verified with the CAD model by using a CT scanner.

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④Manufacturing-Production of Model Nearly Identical to Target Object

Vacuum casting allows for highly precise and low cost verification, since it uses a plastic that is nearly identical to thermoplastics, with a high degree of durability. Optical molding creates a prototype using thermoplastics, achieving a prototype that is identical to an injection molded piece. In addition, is is also suitable for initial mass production lots, and small lot production.

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