Company Profile & History

crossEffect, Inc. Company Profile

Name crossEffect, Inc.
Address 57 Minamikoyacho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8379
Tel : 075-622-2600 Fax : 075-622-4700
Executive Staff CEO Masatoshi Takeda
Senior Managing Director Katsunori Hatanaka
Director Shinichi Tokiwa
Established August 1, 2001
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Business Outline Product design & plastic enclosure design
3D scanning (digitizing)
3D modeling service
Production of 3D prototype models made through photolithography
Comprehensive new product development services using vacuum casting and more
Affiliated Banks Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Kita Fishimi Branch
Bank of Kyoto, Shimotoba branch

Publically Accredited Projects/Grants

7/2015 2015 New Development Support Grant for Manufacturing, Commerce, Service
“Construction of an Inspection Verification System for Super Soft Plastic Models that can be Freely Transformed”
12/2015 2013 Manufacturing, Commercial, Service Innovation Grant
“Development of Precision Cardio Simulator that Fulfills Quality Standards of Advanced Medical Devices”
9/2014 2014 Kyoto-based Global Niche Top Business Creation Support Project
“Development Work for International Launch of Precision Cardio Simulator”
8/2013 2013 New Development Support Grant for Manufacturing SMEs
“Development and Commercialization of Precision Cardio Simulator Model for Educational Dissemination”
12/2012 2013 Kansai Manufacturing New Selection
“Realistic Precision Cardio Simulator”
11/2010 2010 Kyoto Corporate Strategic Collaborative Research Promotion Project
“Development and Commercialization of Order Made, Quick Turnaround Precision Cardio Simulator”
8/2009 Manufacturing SME Enterprise Development Support Grant (Prototype Development Support Project)
“Development of Oder-Made, Quick Turnaround Precision Pediatric Heart Replica Prototype through Hybrid Vacuum Casting”」
7/2005 8th Annual Kyoto Oscar Certification
“Short Turnaround Plastic Prototype Using 3D Engineering”
12/2003 Management Innovation Support Law, Kyoto Prefectural Government Plan Approved Business
“Manufacturing without Blueprints Using 3D Digitizer”


2/2000 crossEffect founded in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
8/2001 crossEffect incorporated
12/2003 Obtains certification under management innovation support law (Kyoto Governor-approved venture)
6/2004 Kyoto Shisaku Net membership
7/2005 Recognized as 8th Annual Kyoto Oscar Certified Company
8/2005 Joint development begins with Ritsumeikan University and Shimadzu COrporation on f-NIRS.
8/2005 Award of excellent as Kyoto Shisaku Net member at 1st Annual Monodzukuri Japan Awards
5/2006 KES Step 2 Approval Acquisition (KES 2-0239)
6/2006 Technical sponsor of Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race
11/2007 Participation in Kyoto-car electric automobile project
5/2008 Production of 1/10 scale concept Kyoto-car model for G8 Summit
7/2008 Development support for RoboCup World Competition competing model VisiON Vgos
8/2008 Team OSAKA Membership
2/2009 Winner for Best Corporate Homepage in Kyoto 2009
8/2009 Work on Cardio Simulator Project begins
12/2010 Received the highest achievement award at the 2010 100 Greatest Kansai IT Companies
6/2011 Establishment of crossMedical, Inc., an enterprise for developing the Cardio Simulator
12/2011 Selected as 100 Good Manufacturing Companies in Kansai 2011
12/2011 Work commences on Product Design Service product production
1/2012 Received Grand Prize at 2011 Kyoto SME Technology Awards
2/2012 Winner of Small Business IT Management Power Award of Excellence held by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
12/2012 Designated as 2013 Kansai Manufacturing New Selection
9/2013 Received the Prime Minister’s Award at the 5th Annual Monodzukuri Japan Awards
10/2013 Received Gold Award (Minister of Economy, Trade, and industry Award) at the Good Design Awards 2013
2/2014 Received special award at the 10th Kansai Business Seminar Awards
4/2014 Received the 3rd Annual MEDTECH Innovation Award
12/2014 Received “Regional Encouragement Grant” at 2014 New Business Grants hosted by The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.
12/2015 Headquarters relocated to 57 Minaminekoyacho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8379
9/2016 Received the 29th Nikkei New Office Encouragement Award