CT Scan Service

Supporting scanning of item interiors
using a X-ray CT measuring instrument

CT Scan Service

CT Scan Service Summary

A CT scan takes a tomograph using X-rays, achieving a rapid and precise replication of the interior not possible with 3D scanners or conventional measuring instruments. The instrument can be used for various applications, such as reverse engineering and non-destructive inspections. CT scanning is ideal for manufacturing small numbers of item on-demand, small lot product varieties, and for shortening delivery time.

  • 2-hour support
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Laser Etching
  • Rapid design
  • Surface Processing
  • Medical Prototying
  • 3D Data Creation
  • Transparent Plastic Service
  • Express Rapid Prototying
  • Small Economy Service

Dimension Measurement & Geometrical Tolerance Evaluation

Measurement accuracy is certified under the VDI/VDE German Industrial Standards. For CAD models that include PMI, the simple instrument operations reduce programming work time.

Reverse Engineered Model & Molded CAD Model Revision

Precise surface coverage is achieved through accurate point cloud data generated from CT data. Further, it is possible to correct the molded CAD model based on the CT data of the parts made from the mold.

Non-Contact Verification & Interior Observation

It is possible to inspect any cut surfaces, the interior of assembled parts, and check for cracks and bubbles in the mold/die cast.

Shape Comparison

Visual evaluation is possible through 3D display of the degree of dimensional error with the CAD model.

Introducing a precision X-ray CT measuring instrument

Our CT scan service uses a METROTOM 800 130kv precision X-ray CT measurement device made by German company Carl Zeiss. The X-ray CT equipment we have introduced is compliant with German VDI/VDE accuracy certification. We provide high precision measuring and analysis services essential to state-of-the-art technology fields such as the auto industry, aerospace industry, medical equipment industry, and machining industry.

METROTOM 800 130kV General Specifications

Maximum Tube Voltage 130kV
Maximum Output 39W
Measurement Range Φ150mm x h170mm
Measurement Range
(Z-Axis Direction Image Coupling / During Half Scan)
Φ275mm x h360mm
Maximum Work Load 5kg
Rotary Table Mobility Range
(X-Axis x Y-Axis x Z-Axis )
700mm x 270mm x 270mm
Detector 195mm x 243mm(1536 x 1920px)
Measurement Accuracy (VDI/VDE Compliance) 195mm x 243mm
(1536 x 1920px)
E:6.9μm + L/100
SD: 2.9μm + L/100
PS: 3μm
PF: 4μm
Measurable Materials Plastic, Rubber, Silicons, Aluminum and Other Metals, Steal, Etc.
METROTOM 800 130kV General Specifications image
METROTOM 800 130kV General Specifications image
METROTOM 800 130kV General Specifications image

Solution Examples Using CT Scanning

Example 1 : Creating data of items without 3D data or design drawings
Sample Dimensions : 30x30x30mm / Sample Material: Titanium + Ceramic / Measurement Time: Up to 120 Minutes
Problem : No 3D data, interior structure is unknown, and data of the form cannot be produced.
Problem Solving : Reverse engineers the provided item. Upon reverse engineering, the interior structure can be clearly understood, allowing for advancement to the next design stage.
Example 2 : Dimension evaluation of item after molding
Sample Dimensions : 20x20x20mm / Sample Material: Nylon Resin / Measurement Time: Up to 60 Minutes
Problem : Need to know whether the dimensions of item have been precisely achieved after molding.
Problem Solving : Item matched with 3D data, showing where dimensions are not achieved, and becoming a reference for the mold design.

Using the CT Scanning Service

Due to the prohibitively high cost (in the tens of millions of yen) of an industrial CT scanner, it is not realistic for a single company to own a scanner for a limited number of measurements. It is best to outsource to a company in possession of a scanner (such as our company) in order to carry out the CT scanning while reducing total cost. Above all, we boast speedy support. We will promptly respond to your request, providing accurate scan data quicker than anywhere else.

Step1 スキャン対象物の情報を提供※
*Sending photo, providing item, etc.
Step2 スキャン対象物の送付
Step3 スキャン作業スタート
Step4 STLデータなどのデータを送付

Commonly Asked Questions

In what format will the measured data be output?
STL output is possible, as are intermediate files such as STEP, parasolid, etc.
Can the equipment be loaned out for a period of time? (Can we operate the equipment on our own?)
We do not provide such services.
Is it possible to observe the CT scan in person?
Yes. Please let us know your desired time.